The Ministry of Statistics took artificial intelligence: where they will introduce


Special attention will be given to the use of AI in the field of cyber security and defense.

The Ministry of Numbers adopted artificial intelligence: where they would implement it. Photo: TAdviser

The Ministry of Digital Transformation has developed a concept for the development of the field of artificial intelligence in Ukraine. It was announced by Deputy Head of the Ministry of Digital Affairs for European Integration Valeria Ionan. According to him, the concept provides:

  • The development of human capital and the emphasis on the education of developers in the field of AI (their salaries in the market are double that of general programmers);
  • Development of entrepreneurship using AI;
  • Active introduction of AI technologies in public sector and key industries of the country;
  • There is a need to respect an individual’s right to privacy and privacy (they plan to develop a code of conduct for the use of AI, taking European experience into consideration);

Special attention will be given to the use of AI in the field of cyber security and defense. This will help to strike the right balance between AI developed by third party suppliers and national ones. According to Ioannon, the main goal is to promote the development of AI and integrate it into economically important sectors.

“In this way, we will intellectually increase the share of capacitive products and greatly strengthen Ukraine’s position in the world market,” the ministry said.

The reference PAYSPACE magazine

Recall the artificial intelligence firm Dataminar predicted that the next outbreak of coronovirus cases would occur in Britain and the US, where analysis of messages on social networks would be used.

The increase in the number of eyewitnesses in the area and patients with information on social networks allowed the AI ​​algorithm to identify hot spots 7–15 days before the exponential growth of coronovirus infection. The program also predicted future outbreaks in 14 different states of the United States, a week after all AI calculations became a reality.

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