The MKIP promises to solve the problem of funding the Dovzhenko-Center in the near future



MKIP promises to solve funding problem in the near future

The MKIP promises to solve the problem of funding the Dovzhenko-Center in the near future


05/28/2020 19:02


The Ministry of Culture and Information Policy (MKIP) will soon send the Ministry of Finance a revised passport from budget program 3806030 “State aid for cinematography”, which will solve the problem of financing the Dovzhenko Center.

This is stated in the CIPI statement.

“The Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine is constantly working to resolve the problem of funding the National Center of Alexander Dovzhenko. In connection with the kidnapping of the state budget and the introduction of restrictive measures launched by the government in response to the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus infection, some indicators of the Centre’s activity and its financial situation, “said the report.

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As noted, CIPI is now actively cooperating with the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine to provide the Center with adequate funding from the state budget, which will help restore the institution’s full-fledged activities.

“In the near future, the finalized passport from budget program 3806030” State support for cinematography “will be sent to the Ministry of Finance, – said the MKIP.

They also called on all participants in the process of constructive dialogue and cooperation in order to resume public funding for an important cultural institution as soon as possible and, first of all, to pay the back wages to its employees.

As Ukrinform reported, earlier on May 28, the National Center of Alexander Dovzhenko in his statement announced the start of insolvency. In a published document, it was noted that since the beginning of 2020, the Center has not received the public funding planned for the budgetary program “State support for cinematography”, which is due to the fact that the Ministry Finance does not approve the program passport project submitted by the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy (MKIP).

The statement said that since the end of May, the Center is no longer able to pay the compulsory taxes and existing obligations under the agreements, as well as the resumption of budgetary funding due to the non-approval of the passport. of the budget program in the near future is not planned. Creditors’ claims confirmed by the court will be satisfied in the order in which the assets of the Center are seized.

Later, the director general of Alexander Dovzhenko’s National Center Ivan Kozlenko said he had written a resignation letter. He noted that the statement on the start of the Centre’s insolvency considers the consequence of the ministry’s irresponsible position in terms of securing the institution’s funding.

In addition, Kozlenko said that at the Alexander Dovzhenko National Center, agents of the national police had searched the site. According to him, this is not related to the Centre’s statement today on the occurrence of insolvency, but to the investigation of a criminal case under the National Service Audit Act audit of Ukraine.

As Ukrinform was informed by the press secretary of the capital’s prosecutor’s office, Nadezhda Maksimets, the search in the center of Dovzhenko was carried out as part of an investigation into possible abuses by officials of the company, the Ministry of Culture and the regional office of the SPFU in Kiev when calculating rents of state property which led to shortfall in the amount of 6 million UAH.

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