The mono-majority is no longer: the deputies did not support the government’s action program



The Verkhovna Rada rejects the second government action program. And if the shortcomings of the first program were discussed within the Cabinet itself and invited to submit it for review, the President himself then asked to vote for the second program. But the deputies of his people disobeyed.

The Verkhovna Rada
The Verkhovna Rada. Stock Photo –

About this writes “MFN”.

Thus, just a few minutes ago, the second Cabinet action program failed: only 207 deputies voted for its adoption, while 226 votes were necessary.

How? ‘Or’ What Noted People’s Deputy Aleksey Goncharenko, such a situation has shown that there is no longer a single majority in the Rada:

“The era of mono-majority is over: Shmygal’s program has not been accepted.”

As reported in the Telegram channel “Cartel“This is a blow not only to the Cabinet, but personally to Zelensky, who supported such a program:

“207 votes. It is a heavy blow for Zelensky, who “integrates” into the program, and his “servants” make a move.

Ermak again supervised Zelensky, because it is the head of the OP who promotes Shmygal. “

We will remind, earlier, we wrote that in the Rada, they collect signatures for the dismissal of the Cabinet of Ministers.


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