The most inventive way to avenge your ex


The pain does not pass, causing a feeling of dissatisfaction, but, in the end, most people decide not to focus on it and survive. Some, however, cannot

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Parting and divorce can be very painful, and not everyone is able to cope with them easily. The pain does not pass, causing a feeling of dissatisfaction, but, in the end, most people decide not to focus on it and survive. Some, however, cannot forget the past and use any means to avenge their former / former. It is hard to imagine what people are capable of, to hurt those whom they loved with more pain.

Unimaginable parking ticket

Jennifer FitzGerald and her boyfriend were still in a relationship in 2008 when they bought a car for $ 600 and registered it in Jennifer’s name. The pair broke up a year later. In an insane attempt to offend his ex, the man parked his car at O’Hara International Airport in Chicago and left it there. The car stayed at the airport for three years.

During this time, Jennifer received more than 670 penalty tickets for misplaced parking over $ 105,000. After recovering long ago, Jennifer tried her best to get the car, but she could neither help the police nor the city. In October 2012, the car was finally removed from the airport’s official parking lot.

Aircraft – a tool of revenge

In 2007, Beth divorced her husband, Eric Johnson. Eric did not want a divorce. The same year, he took revenge on Beth by circling her mother’s house on a plane. He and Beth had eight-year-old daughter Emily on the plane with Eric. Eric and Emily died in the accident.

How strange it may seem, there is no such case. Randy Mok directed the plane on September 23, 1992, to the home of his ex-wife Danwa’s parents, who were there. Mok made several low corridors above the house and told police via walkie-talkie that he intended to make his way home by plane. He flew out of the house for two hours, collapsing and diving dangerously, as a result of which he and the residents of neighboring houses fled fearing for their lives. Finally, when the plane crashed at home, Mock became the only victim, having died from multiple injuries.

Coop revenge

Brandon Klecker was the deputy sheriff in Riverside County, California, when he broke up with his girlfriend in 2012. To annoy him, he somehow climbed into her car and hid the drugs in the cabin. He then began persuading his fellow police officers to search the former’s car, but he did not succeed.

Later, the girl found a bag of cocaine under her car seat while she was searching for her wallet. He reported his discovery to the police, after which Klecker himself came under suspicion of making frequent calls to search his former car.

Although his crime was not proven, other facts indicate his intention to avenge him. It became known that Klecker was pursuing a new lover of his ex-girlfriend. One day he came home with a gun. In another incident, Kleckar followed on his heel and tried to start a fight with him. Kleckner was fired in 2013.

Bomb under the bed

What could be worse than throwing cocaine in your ex’s car? Put a bomb under her bed, of course. The same thing was done on May 18, 2017 by 18-year-old Ethan Guillen of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Guillen finished school with his girlfriend when they broke up. While the girl and her family were in graduation, Guillen made her way to their home and planted a bomb under the bed.

Guillen made an explosive device from a new pressure cooker that his father had purchased. He gasped there and set the timer at 1:30 in the night. He then went home and started listening to the police wave with the help of a special scanner, and expected to hear about the bombing at the address where he had arrived the day before. He did not hear anything, because the “bomb” did not explode. She remained under the girl’s bed until two weeks later.


Adrienne burnt her house in Georgia after failing to sue her ex-husband under divorce proceedings. In February 2018, the day she was about to leave the house, she brought several mattresses to the dining room and set them on fire. Then she calmly left the house, behind a blazing flame.

Unfortunately, the fire spread throughout the area, spreading to other homes. Four houses burned to the ground, the other 15 suffered significant damage. There were no casualties among the people, although one person was injured and three pets were killed.



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