The most inventive way to get revenge on your ex. part 2


Parting and divorce can be very painful, and not everyone is able to deal with them easily.

Translation for Mixstuff – Svetlana Bodrick

Dragon in the bedroom

Dr. of Monterrey, California. Brewster of Mary, was so angry with her ex after the divorce that he started sending abusive text messages to her and started slinging at the woman he had started dating. By the way, Brewster and the woman worked in the same hospital. Her flower garden was destroyed as a result of the woman’s revenge in Brewster, but she was preparing something more serious for her ex-husband.

In November 2015, Brewster entered his former home when he was on vacation and left Python in his bedroom. The dragon was not to die of hunger, he left three more mice. But this man, who was very afraid of snakes, never saw the dragon, because the woman looking after the house called the police after he found the mice in bed in the bedroom. A policeman came to deal with the rats, but a dragon was found in the bedroom. Only one mouse was found in the house. It seems that the dragon ate the other two. Brewster was sentenced to 180 days in prison in January 2016.

Dog hurt

On September 14, 2017, Joshua Thomas Brickert entered his ex-Phoenix, Arizona home and began waiting for him with a gun in his hands. He did not plan to kill her, but simply to frighten her. She later threw syringes into her home to claim that she was a drug addict and could not raise her child. For some reason, he shot his dog in the head. The dog was not immediately killed and tried to run away, but Brickert overtook him and began stabbing him with a knife until he killed him. Then he threw the dog’s body into the trash can. Neighbors who came to hear the sound of firing called the police. Brickert was arrested for unlawful entry and shooting.


In August 2018, Elizabeth James of Lawrence, South Carolina tried to avenge her ex by starving her dog. Fortunately, the dog was rescued. The hungry mastiffs were so weak and tired that at the time of liberation they weighed some 23 kg instead of the prescribed 50 kg. Ex-boyfriend Elizabeth left a mastiff with him after their breakup. He fed his dogs, but did not give his ex a dog. He tied her up near her house, where she was discovered by a passerby, called the Animal Control Service.


In September 2018, Chad Hogg kidnapped his former Ceyan Lübeck, and took him to a club in Sydney, Australia, where he took off his clothes, tied a post and shaved his hair. Lubeck managed to escape two days later, when Hogg left him in his car, and he walked into the restaurant.

Lubeck managed to get out of the car, use the phone and call the police. When Hogg was arrested, the girl said that she did not give him food or water. He also took photos with his bald head and laughed a lot. Lubeck did not know why he had brought her to the restaurant, but suspected that he wanted to feed her before killing her.

This was not the first kidnapping. Hogg had previously abducted Lubeck in July of the same year and held for three days. Then he almost strangled her. Hogg was arrested, but went out on bail, though Lubeck protested, claiming he could kidnap her again.

Add acid

On September 23, 2015, Berlin Wallace of Bristol poured sulfuric acid on her ex-boyfriend Mark van Dongen in the morning. As a result of the attack, van Dongen was deformed and paralyzed. In addition to burning severely, he had to cut his leg, lost one eye completely, and the other was severely damaged. The only part of his body that he could control was the tongue.

Wallace denied the allegations, claiming that it was Van Dongen who poured acid into the water and wanted him to drink the drug. However, he poured glassware over her after a heated argument. He thought that the glass was just water. However, investigators found that Wallace searched the Internet for information about the effects of sulfuric acid, and looked at photographs of the victims.

Mark could not come forward with his ugliness and what paralyzed him. He came to Belgium 15 months later to undergo euthanasia. Wallace was charged with murder.



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