The most unexpected and incredible twist of fate


Sometimes the twists and turns of fate are inexplicable, and the great ruler will sit at stake tomorrow, and a carefully crafted action will fail. These 10 stories can serve as an example, when, it appears, nothing was told, but something went wrong.

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Sometimes the twists and turns of fate are inexplicable, and the great ruler will sit at stake tomorrow, and a carefully crafted action will fail. These 10 stories can serve as an example when, it appears, nothing was told, but something went wrong.

During World War I, the Germans disguised one of their ships, the Cape Trafalgar, under the British passenger ship Carmania, to strictly kill the enemy. How they came to know that there was an actual “Carmenia” nearby, whose captain, Noel Grant, immediately realized when he was facing nose-to-nose with a clone of his ship while on the Brazilian coast. As a result of the fight, Cape Trafalgar sank.

Amidst enmity with the Persian Empire, Alexander of Macedon wanted to bow down to the temple of the impregnable Tire. But the island’s leaders did not want to deal with any of the warring states, and they refused the Roman commander, offering them to participate in an idol worship in the city of the same name on the mainland. The commanders were angry at this insult and found the cause sufficient for a seven-month siege. Only by building a wide embankment did he manage to conquer the conceited island. Almost the entire population was killed, and the remaining citizens were sold into slavery. And to this day, Tire is considered a peninsula and is technically part of the mainland.

Genghis Khan, who had already put together a powerful Mongol empire for many years of wars and conquests, wished to be friends with Khorzam against another neighbor and sent a large trade caravan to the Middle East. However, the local governor did not believe in the sincerity of Mahan Khan’s intentions and instead of feeding, drinking and sleeping to his beloved guests, killed most of them, and left the others bald. In those days, it was considered an unprecedented insult and of course, Dostana Khan was so angry that he was forced to defeat the Khorzmahshah kingdom.

In those days, Mithridates VI ruled the state of Pontus around 100 BCE, rulers, governors and other particularly vain officials were poisoned like cockroaches, so that to prevent the unexpected change of power, he himself smacked of poison. Take a dose. However, when he eventually had to commit suicide (otherwise he would face the fate of being sold into slavery, which was considered a more shameful life than death by poison), the prepared body did not respond to the poison.

The grandson of Genghis Khan and the fifth ruler of the Mongol Empire, Kublai or Kublai Khan, conquered China and set eyes on the neighboring kingdom, and without hesitation reached the Japanese. However, 1274 was not the most favorable for the conquest of Japan, because, first, the Japanese samurai kicked the greedy Mongols, and secondly, an unexpected thunderstorm struck the remnants of the enemy fleet. Kagan left the fleet, but promised to return, which he did in 1281, with accumulated strength. At this time all the Japanese were not bored and were ready for long defenses, fortifying the coast with buns. And when the Mongols circled in search of a good parking space, a fierce storm again destroyed the main fleet of big winners.

Once, Guy Julius Caesar was captured by pirates and demanded 20 talents as a ransom. The emperor could not afford such a low price for his freedom, and he suggested that the bandits ask for 50 instead of 20 talents. While they were waiting for the money to come together, Caesar played cards with the kidnappers, joking and generally having fun, promising in the end to capture them and crucify them. The pirate did not heed the promises of a cheerful captive, and was soon caught and killed.

In 1989, a press conference to simplify the rules of crossing the border from East Germany to the west was considered a more liberal cheater with promises such as “accepting applications for departure,” “everyone can get a visa.” . But Gunter Shobowski was chosen as the speaker in that non-conference. The diplomat was exhausted, the diplomat had just returned from a tiring trip, the diplomat had no time to read the full text of the speech beforehand, and the impatient journalist specified when these magical new rules would come into force. Not wishing to appear unprepared, Shabowski replied: “Immediately, now.” The message spread at lightning speed, and now thousands of people have gathered on the wall and are demanding freedom. By a lethal combination of circumstances, the border guard was not up to the execution of his job descriptions, as he was expecting the results of oncology tests, and a barrier was erected.

No jury could justify the murderer of the emperor, who was caught with a bloody knife in his hand on the body of an already slain Persian ruler. However, the young “good-natured” was not insulted and said “the king is not real”, and yes, he killed, but not the emperor, but the magician-impatient-usurer who pretended to be a legitimate ruler. The palace circle immediately decided to declare the savior as the new emperor instead of executing the culprit. The Dogi thugs became one of the greatest rulers of the Achaemenid dynasty and became famous for their intelligence and quick work.

Returning to France at the end of his espionage missions in England and Russia, during which she had to dress up as a woman, Chevalier demanded that she be fully recognized as a woman. He continued his career as a writer, not depriving himself of the pleasure of participating in petty political upheavals. After the ambassador’s death, it was revealed that he was in fact a man who pretended to be a woman, who, he says, was forced to pretend to be a man from childhood. If one wishes to call a negotiator a transvestite in an intelligent society, the term “eonist” will come in handy.

Once the British were tired of the monarchy, and they decided to overthrow the king. The revolution took place, King Charles I was beheaded, and the leader of the coup, Oliver Cromwell, was put in charge of the kingdom. However, the new ruler at a higher position proved himself to be a more oppressive, cruel and isolated leader than the kings before him. Nine years after the king’s slaughter, Cromwell died of malaria, and was replaced by the previous king’s son, Charles 2. The monarchy was restored, and the dead revolutionary was excavated and beheaded. Better late than never.



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