The most unusual goods are ever transported by water, land or air.


Among the many items made by plane, train, car, or ship, one can find something very unusual.

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Goods have been transported around the world for centuries. Many of the transported items are very important, or at least useful for everyday life. In our modern world, what is not produced in our country is used to consume and consume, but is supplied from other countries.

Among the many items carried by aircraft, train, car, or ship, one can find something very unusual.

  1. Holy tomb

According to legend, by far the holiest and priceless merchandise was the Holy Grail, which the Knights Templar sent to England by sea in the 12th century.

The Holy Grail is the cup from which Christ last ate and in which Joseph of Arimathea collected blood from the wounds of the crucified Savior. Some say the bowl is hidden in Glastonbury, England. Legend has it that whoever drinks it will receive eternal youth!

  1. Took Hitler to a new life?

There is a version that the commander of the German submarine U-530 secretly transported Adolf Hitler and his new wife to South America!

While this version may seem unbelievable to many, there are some interesting facts that take into account supporters of this conspiracy theory.

Until now, it has only been proved that some famous Nazis nevertheless reached Argentina at the end of the war, for example, Captain Joseph Menzel, known as the “Angel of Death”.

  1. Deadliest Goods?

Cargo is not only valuable and secret … but also deadly. In the 14th century, merchants from the Far East began arriving in Europe with rats on board. The fleas living on mice were infected with the bubonic plague. Soon it swept across Europe and had disastrous results. The Black Death killed about 50% of the European population and reduced the world’s population by about 125 million people.

  1. Let’s drop the tank from the air!

Cargo carrying cars are not military aircraft, but the transport of tanks by air is indeed unusual.

In the late 1960s, Americans developed the M551 Sheridan airborne tank. He was dropped by parachute from an airplane or transported by helicopter, with tanks hanging on cables. When the helicopter slowed down, the cables broke apart, and from a height of less than 3 meters the tank fell to the ground.

In fact, the tank was not so good. Often it could not be used due to a strike at the time of landing. The tank was declared ineffective and closed.

  1. Spacecraft transportation

For 40 years, NASA has used the Boeing-747 SCA to carry a space shuttle from the landing site to the launch pad located on Florida’s Merritt Island.

  1. Nuclear bomber

There are bombers carrying nuclear bombs in service to many countries of the world. Their deadly weapons aim to instill fear in hostile powers, rein in their impulses of war.

No matter how reliable the planes are compared to other modes of transport, it is scary to imagine the tragic consequences of a severe crash of a bomber with an atomic bomb on board.

  1. Fish rain

What could be more strange than taking thousands of live fish in airplanes and then dropping them from the air into the water? This is exactly what happened in 2018, when Utah officials ordered the trout to leave to replenish fish stocks at one of the local lakes.

They claimed that this was the least stressful delivery method for the fish, and their survival rate was around 95%. In other words, only 5% could not avoid falling fast from a height!

  1. Radioactive cargo

When nuclear power plants need to dispose of their radioactive waste, they send them to a reprocessing plant by rail. This waste is transported there in reliable steel containers, designed for shocks during collisions, extreme temperatures, earthquakes, floods, and tornadoes.

However, such a load bothers many.

  1. Railway artillery gun

One of the heaviest cargo carried by rail was the Nazi gun “Fat Gustav” from World War II. It weighed 1350 tons and the length reached 47 meters. It required more than 500 people to operate. It could fire only once every 45 minutes and fire a 7-ton ball at a distance of up to 48 kilometers.

  1. Fill a tank with dinosaurs?

Trains and ships often carry large amounts of oil, coal or natural gas, which is a very strange cargo, if you think about it. After all, this fossil fuel is made from prehistoric plants, trees, microorganisms, as well as the remains of dinosaurs!

  1. Danger on board

Air travel can be dangerous for many reasons, but even in an airplane you certainly do not expect an attack from a scorpion. However, this is exactly the same as what happened to a woman flying a Canadian flight from Toronto to Calgary – she was stung by a 10cm scorpion. Fortunately, the woman was not seriously injured, and the scorpion was caught.

  1. Dangerous delivery

In 2016, a woman in Durham County, UK, was going to eat bananas she had bought in a supermarket and brought from Brazil after she found out she was just chiding with a poisonous banana spider cub.

Fortunately, neither the woman nor her child were encountered. Later, the house was disinfected to get rid of these dangerous organisms; And at the local supermarket, we carefully checked all the bananas they had on hand.



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