The most vulnerable businesses have been named for Kovid-19: those that carry more risk


Who treat strangers a lot more than others

The most vulnerable businesses have been named for Kovid-19: those that carry the most risk. Photo: BBC

Not everyone is the same as the coronovirus at work. Representatives of some businesses carry more risk, some less. The UK Office of National Statistics, based on a survey by the United States, showed the risk of exposure to diseases as well as the number of hazardous contacts for each profession.

Healthcare workers are most at risk, while artists, lawyers, and those who work in more specialized office jobs, such as marketing, human resources, and finance consultants, are much less at risk.

Despite the lack of a large number of contacts, cleaners, prison officials and entrepreneurs are among those at relatively high risk of illness following doctors. The fact is that it matters how often a person communicates with the same environment.

So, the people who may be most at risk for a new infectious disease, such as Kovid-19, are always the ones who communicate a lot with strangers. Bar employees, barbers and actors, as well as taxi drivers and masons, also fall into this category.

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Recall that about one in six people in the world under the age of 29 stopped working due to a coronovirus epidemic. This was reported in the International Labor Organization (ILO). The ILO indicated that the epidemic not only caused significant job loss among young people, but also “violated the education and training system, creating significant barriers for those wishing to enter the labor market or change jobs.”

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