The most weird ways to promote modern music in the world


It takes more than one can think to become a successful artist, and an important part of the job is promoting himself and his music. Some musicians have resorted to the unimaginable, and sometimes just ridiculous ways to attract attention.

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It takes more than one can think to become a successful artist, and an important part of the job is promoting himself and his music. Some musicians have resorted to unimaginative, and sometimes just ridiculous, attention-grabbing ways.

  1. Rock group Pearl Jam asked people to make their phone cameras on the moon.

Musicians have been fascinated by the moon throughout their ages. However, one group went ahead. She not only wanted to write a new song about Moon, but wanted to use this celestial body as an advertising tool to sell her song. It is about Pearl Jam, who plays mostly grunge. To present their song “Superbled Wolfmoon”, the group teamed up with Powers to create a studio that designs websites for major film projects and has a mobile app that produces animated effects on users’ photos.

To pre-listen the song, you need to download the Powster application on your phone and wait until it is night, and then go to an open space, launch the application and point the phone camera at the moon. If all works, animations will begin on the screen and the song will sound to a lonely listener standing in the middle of the night in a moonlit meadow, and the noisy wild beast will see it and wonder how it will Maybe it had become the top people. Food chain.

Okay, what if it’s cloudy and you can’t see the moon? Then you are out of luck, as they say, today is not just your night.

  1. Many musicians have created parodies that mimic the websites of large corporations

If you are an artist in need of promotion, do not display your incredible popularity in a simple way, “killing” a large corporation at the same time. As many musicians have proved, this is a proven and reliable method, although it requires a certain amount of originality.

Take the Tanlines (electronic rock music) group, which created an entire fake site from the biggest video platform Netflix to advertise their new album, Highlights. The American duo not only created eye-catching film posters for each track with their album (starring, of course), but also playlists of actual films, some of which symbolized their tour schedule, while others were just fun. Fortunately, Netflix did not push the site to shut down in any way, and you can still watch it. Or, if you want a more spontaneous story, the indie rock gods Canadian band Arcade Fire have released a review of their new album Everything Now on a site called “Stereoom” (a playful parody of the famous Sterogum site). Apparently written by the band themselves, the review was dismissive of the new recording, an early blow to critics who were always ready to rip Arcade Fire.

However, the most audacious move of this kind must be recognized by what songwriter Josh Tillman did, who was also John Misty’s father. On the eve of the release of their next album, I Love You, Honeybear, they pulled out of pre-order sales using their own audio service Streamline Audio Protoc or SAP. This left the song completely out of touch with the author’s personality and caused a major scandal around the Spotify platform and streaming music services in general.

However, the show that Tillman put on the day of the album’s release gave the story a special look: a few songs with a karaoke machine at Spotify headquarters.

  1. Josh Freese has long used the tricks behind the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform

Josh Freese is one of the many people who make great music despite not being particularly famous. Beginning his career as a twelve-year-old boy in the Disneyland Orchestra, he made hundreds of recordings and was a member of bands such as Nine Inch Nails, Guns N ‘Roses and Devo. Nevertheless, a simple orchestra player, such as Josh, at some point needed his own stage, and he began solo projects, even though, in the composer’s words, the same sensation as the “tree that fell in the forest.” Let’s make. … However, one of them turned into a much louder sensation than he had expected.

To promote his second solo album, “Since 1972,” Fraz decided to make some unique promotional offers. How much a particular fan was willing to pay for the recording (from $ 7 to $ 75 thousand, as it turned out), he could receive some additional bonuses. In addition, Josh Freese pledged to do so in person. For example, a fan paid $ 20,000 and went to have fun with the Freeze. He played the role of Minigolf with Maynard James Keenan of the Tool Group, attended a pizza party with Mark Mathersbau of the Devo Group, swam in a sensory deprivation cell, and had a rowdy evening on the Queen Mary cruise ship. Finally, a happy fan attended the studio recording two songs.

Crazy as it seems, it must be admitted that Fraz was a visionary. Since 1972 was released in March 2009, and exactly one month later, Kickstarter debuted on the Internet, offering people to fund creative projects in exchange for special awards, such as Freeze did. It is not known whether the musician regrets the occasion of the lapse, but in any case, before he had time to think about it, he was probably bypassed by another star who was stranded.

  1. American singer Poppy builds a church

Moria Rose Pereira, better known as Poppy, created a sensation that had not changed from a successful YouTuber to a queen of pop metal in years. However, Poppy was interested in many other things besides music, including comics and films. Unlike most musicians who diversified in this way, Poppy embarked on an entirely unique venture: he became a religious leader.

In 2018, while she was making her metal transformation, Poppy created a new website called Poppy.Church, which became a platform for a cult, or as the star herself put it, “a collection of passionate personalities. ” Fans who gave up their phone number and went through the registration process, including the posting and signing of the avatar “in the blood”, had the opportunity to participate in a strange “prayer service” led by Poppy. On the site, users can chat with each other, purchase tickets for upcoming poppy tours and other events. Each profile was indexed according to criteria such as “trust,” “loyalty” and “loyalty” and the site can notify members that their actions are being tracked.

YouTuber, nicknamed Repzilla, reviewed the site to see if it was a cult simulator, as some have argued, and if it could be considered educational, as Poppy himself honestly wanted. Eventually, the site was shut down and Poppy continued his career after a blatant breakup with ex-Titanic partner Sinclair, making the entire experiment more of a warning.


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