The murder of Tlyavov: the court will ask to prolong the arrest of the accused



The murder of Tlyavov: the court will ask to prolong the arrest of the accused

The murder of Tlyavov: the court will ask to prolong the arrest of the accused

06.06.2020 13:37


The next court hearings in the case of Kirill Tlyavov, 5, who died in Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky, are scheduled for June 18 and 19, and plans are underway to study the protocols for investigating them.

Attorney General Irina Venediktova reported it in a video message.

“The next hearing is scheduled for June 18 and 19, 2020. During their course, it is planned to investigate the protocols of investigative experiments. The prosecutor has also prepared a petition to extend the police custody and extend the obligations imposed by the court to the other accused “. she noted.

Venediktova noted that “establishing justice for little Cyril is a matter of honor for the entire criminal justice system”.

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According to her, the time has come “to correct shortcomings and miscalculations in the activities of law enforcement and other public bodies in order to prevent crimes that cause public mistrust of the whole system. “

As Ukrinform reported, on June 3, 2019, five-year-old Kirill Tlyavov from the Pereyaslav-Khmelnytskyi region of Kiev died in hospital from a gunshot wound to the head, which he received on May 31, .

At first, police said the boy fell and hit his head against a stone while on a walk. However, during the operation, it turned out that he had a gunshot wound to the head.

Workers from the Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky police service Vladimir Petrovets and Ivan Prikhodko were arrested at high speed, who, according to witnesses, were intoxicated by shooting bottles.

The Kiev Goloseevsky District Court on June 4, 2020 elected preventive measures – detention without the possibility of bail.

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During the preliminary investigation, it was established that two other civilians were at the scene of the crime during the shooting. On July 18, one of them was also suspected by the GBR. The other is a minor guy.

In early March 2020, two suspects in the murder of a boy were released on bail. Today, a suspect is still in detention – former police officer Ivan Prikhodko, to whom the court extended the preventive measure until June 26. A minor is placed under the supervision of a mother.

Since late December 2019, the case has been heard in court.

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