The National Academy of Sciences predicts a peak of coronavirus in Ukraine



Experts estimate that the peak will arrive in early May. The same number of deaths due to COVID-19 will be recorded on these same days.

Coronavirus in Ukraine
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It is reported by the “NPF” referring to “League news“.

The NAS predicted that in the period of May 2-5 in Ukraine, there will be a peak in coronavirus disease. The peak of death from the virus will fall over the period from May 3 to 10.

The Academy of Sciences noted that the epidemic in Ukraine repeated the development of the epidemic in Poland and Sweden, but with some delay. This is due to the fact that Ukraine introduced quarantine much faster, which has significantly reduced the spread of COVID-19.

Thus, according to calculations, the situation of the coronavirus epidemic in Ukraine will evolve as follows:

  • peak of infection from May 2 to 5
  • May 3-10 peak
  • after the peak of infection (median of 500 cases), the decline in the number of cases will continue until June 5
  • after the peak in mortality (median of 12 cases), the decline in deaths will occur until June 5

At the same time, NAS experts pointed out that if quarantine were significantly weakened after May 11, the number of cases could increase dramatically.

Recall that we previously reported that the coronavirus epidemic in Ukraine could end in early June.

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