The National Health Service has explained how “medical care during childbirth” will work



The National Health Service explained how it will work

In Ukraine, as part of the secondary care reform, 393 hospitals will provide “Medical care for childbirth” as part of the medical guarantee program.

This is stated in the National Health Service press release, which is available to Ukinform.

“393 hospitals and maternity units have signed an agreement with the National Health Service for the provision of” medical care for childbirth “services and have already received an advance from the NHA. Medical care during childbirth is a priority service which is part of the health insurance program. Health facilities will receive a payment from the NHA for each birth in the amount of 813 UAH. The total budget for the program of medical guarantees for obstetric care exceeds 1.6 billion of UAH, which means for the patient the free choice of maternity, whatever the place of registration and actually. On the residence and – no donation and parcel with drugs delivered to give birth must take only the elements for personal use for you and your baby during your hospital stay. “- reported in NSZU.

As part of the medical guarantee program, the following items are free:

  • medical assistance during childbirth with an obstetric care team (management of uncomplicated physiological deliveries, management of complicated deliveries, urgent or planned cesarean section)
  • stay in a standard room;
  • anesthesia for surgical procedures as directed;
  • monitor the condition of a pregnant woman, a working woman and a newborn baby (laboratory and instrumental examinations, consultations with doctors from other specialties, if necessary);
  • intensive care of a woman in childbirth;
  • stabilization of the newborn’s condition after delivery and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (if necessary);
  • metabolic screening in newborns;
  • vaccination of a newborn according to the vaccination schedule.

The NSZU noted that according to the agreement with the institution, the national service will pay for each birth, therefore, a woman in labor is entitled to receive the full amount of the service.

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“But an improved service, such as an increased comfort room, improved food, additional services, if you wish, etc., falls under the category of paid services. The services of an improved service must be officially paid for by In addition, the personal arrangements of the patient with a certain doctor regarding childbirth are outside the medical guarantees program and are not provided for in the “Medical assistance during childbirth” package. “This is a personal decision of the patient,” noted the NSZU.

You can obtain free medical service by self-referral, by the provision of emergency medical care by the team, by the management of the attending physician, or by the referral from another clinical unit of the hospital or even d ” another health facility.

To find a maternity hospital where services are provided under an agreement with the NHA, you must call the NSSU contact center toll-free at 16-77 or use the information open on the NHA dashboard. Soon, institutions that have an agreement with the NHRI will also receive special stickers and information posters.

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