The National Museum of Art commented on the weakening of quarantine



The National Museum of Art commented on the weakening of quarantine

The National Art Museum of Ukraine would welcome visitors, but there are a number of problems, the main one of which is transportation – how to get to the museum for its employees, as well as for visitors.

This was stated in a comment to Ukrinform by NHMU general manager Julia Litvinets.

“We would be ready to open and receive visitors. But there is logistics and opportunity. First, it would be easier to do when transportation becomes available, ”said Litvinets.

She noted that employees will find it hard to get to work, as some people live outside of Kiev, and it’s very difficult for them, and those in the city don’t have a pass.

“There was only one pass for the museum for quarantine. Yes, there are attendants at the museum every day, but there are one, two or three, no more. And how can we ensure the arrival of more than a hundred employees, even if we are given 106 passes? In addition, they will replace doctors in transport. It’s already impossible, ”said the museum director.

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Another problem, she said, is the provision of masks to employees and the disinfection of premises.

“We managed to buy detergents and disinfectants before closing for quarantine, but we don’t have masks. In addition, you have to take into account that every day everyone needs 6 masks to change them every two hours … Obviously, this is a problem for the museum. Next comes disinfection of the room. I imagine that for an hour or two the museum is closed for that, because it is large enough, and in 20 minutes we will not meet it, ”explained Litvinets.

In addition, said the director, you have to understand how open the museum is justified, given the number of visitors.

“If the city is closed, who will visit us? In reality, these may be people who are easily accessible on foot. In other words, we are becoming a kind of local center for local residents. And we remember we walk in two, three in one … And you don’t invite a lot of people into the room right away. Therefore, I object to this being done now. In addition, 90% of our guards are people over the age of 60. In other words, they are in the risk category and they must be protected. And they will be on the first line, which is immediately in danger, “said the director of the National Art Museum.

She added that in this case we are guided by the experience of Germany and Austria, but there, probably, the traffic was not so tightly blocked and people could move more easily. And this is a serious argument.

According to Minister of Health Maxim Stepanov, at the next government meeting, the Ministry of Health will make a decision on extending the quarantine until May 12. Appropriate mitigation of quarantine measures will be proposed. In particular, it is planned to authorize walks in the parks, visits to museums and libraries, but subject to quarantine restrictions – distances, with personal protective equipment and heat shield at the entrance of the establishment.

As reported by Ukrinform, on the morning of April 22 in Ukraine, 6,592 cases of COVID-19 disease had been laboratory confirmed, 467 people fell ill during the day.

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