The nature of the mysterious signals from space is revealed: scientists on repeated messages to Earth



Fast and steady radio bursts have long been a mystery to humanity. It was only recently that British astronomers at the famous Jordrell Bank Observatory made a breakthrough in understanding the supernatural message.

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It is reported by “Ribbon“, Reports” NPF “.

When analyzing the mysterious signal, the scientists counted 32 identical radio pulses. They, as if by a clock signal, reached Earth by adhering to a single cycle of 157 days.

During a long analysis and gathering of information using the Arecibo radio telescope, it was possible to discover that the source of the signal is a neutron star. Some scientists adhere to an alternative theory that a black hole serves as a source of messages from space.

An additional discovery during the scientists’ work was the identification of such a signal with a significantly smaller repetition cycle – only 16 days. Experts note that these signals have no linguistic meaning, but their analysis can allow a better understanding of the nature of outer space which, by acting on Earth, also affects us.

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