The new representative of “power” in the “DPR”: Pushilin made an “official” statement



The self-proclaimed head of the “DPR”, Denis Pushilin has published an important “decree”. The name of the new illegal government representative in the “DPR” is named. The post of “head of the republican tariff service of the DPR” was received by Alexander Alipov.

Alexander Alipov
Alexander Alipov. Photo –

It is reported by “MFN”, with reference on the “official” site of Pushilin.

According to the separatist media, the Pushilin decree on the appointment of Alipov takes effect immediately, and soon Alipov will be able to prove or refute its effectiveness in practice. We know that he is a resident of ORDO and a follower of separatist ideas. In September 2018, he was already the so-called “leader” of this service.

The Pushilin “decree” does not contain additional information on the reasons for such an appointment and the special conditions or tasks. Staff changes apparently only happen based on the preferences of Pushilin himself. It is still unclear whether such a decision will bring advantages or disadvantages to “DPR”.

As noted above, the cooperation of the “DPR” and the Russian Federation: Lavrov made an important statement.

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