The number of cyber attacks on government sites is increasing constantly


The number of attacks on state information resources and important infrastructure items in Ukraine is increasing


Beginning in July, the state information resources and critical infrastructure cyber defense system recorded 18% more suspicious incidents than a week earlier. about this Inform State Special Communications Service Press Service.

Most recorded suspicious incidents concern network scanning attempts (52%), use of non-standard protocols (24%), network malware (11%), detection of web attacks (8%) and gaining administrator rights (4%) She tries to do.

The government agencies’ secure access to the Internet prevented various attacks in 1888. The vast majority (80%) are application-level network attacks. Nine DDoS attacks were also averted, most of them against the web resources of the President’s Office.

It is noted that during this period the Government Computer Response Team registered and processed 19514 cyber incidents for computer emergency incidents of Ukraine CERT-UA. Most of the processed events are from the UACOM domain zone (about 99%). Most incidents concern the spread of malware (73% of the total) and phishing (26%).

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Recall that on 7 July the National Bank launched an all-Ukrainian information campaign to combat payment fraud. The goal is to teach Ukrainians the basic rules of protecting non-cash and online payments.

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