The number of PCR tests has increased to 8,000 per day – Ministry of Health



The number of PCR tests has increased to 8,000 per day - Ministry of Health

The number of PCR tests has increased to 8,000 per day – Ministry of Health

05/09.2020 10:39


The Ministry of Health is working on it, so that patients quickly receive the results of the PCR tests for COVID-19 from the laboratories, which are now very busy.

This was stated by the head of the Ministry of Health Maxim Stepanov during a briefing on Saturday May 9, according to a correspondent for Ukrinform.

“If we are talking about the number of days and the periods during which PCR test analyzes are carried out, we must understand that our laboratories are very often responsible for a very large number of tests. Of course, this happens more in areas where the incidence rate is very high. Of course, we are working to reduce the number of days based on the relevant results, ”said Stepanov.

According to him, the laboratories have been operating for more than a month, practically 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, “precisely to reduce the number of days that pass these tests”.

“But again, I want to emphasize: indeed, a very large load, I want to note that at the end of March, we did hundreds of tests, and now it’s around 8000”, said the head of the Ministry of Health.

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He also commented on the situation with the Zhytomyr Laboratory Center for the adoption of materials for testing on COVID-19.

“Regarding the Zhytomyr Lab Center. Last Saturday, we received information on the specific problems that arose there. A group was immediately dispatched from Kiev, which provided relevant recommendations on how to reduce the number of days spent on testing and obtaining results by PCR. For unknown reasons, these recommendations were ignored, ”said Stepanov.

He noted that on Wednesday after the report that the laboratory center was close to closing and stopping the tests, chief medical officer of health Viktor Lyashko went there urgently on his behalf and understood the situation .

Therefore, according to Stepanov, some of the samples to be tested have been redirected to the national reference laboratory in Kiev for testing, algorithms and test mechanisms have been developed, and now there are no more problems.

“As far as private laboratories are concerned, they do it really quickly enough, because they have practically no workload. They perform a very small number of these tests, and of course, there are simply no queues for the tests in these private laboratories, “said the head of the Ministry of Health.

As indicated, in Ukraine on the morning of May 9, 14,710 cases of COVID-19 were recorded, of which 376 were fatal, 2,909 patients recovered. 515 new cases were recorded per day.

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