The number of tests on COVID-19 increased tenfold



The number of tests on COVID-19 increased tenfold

The number of tests on COVID-19 increased tenfold

03/05.2020 11:04


In the past month, the number of tests in Ukraine to identify patients infected with a coronavirus has increased from 700 to 7000 per day. And already in May, their number can be increased to 20-25,000 per day.

This was announced during an online briefing by Minister of Health Maxim Stepanov, reports a correspondent for Ukrinform.

“Over the past month, if you count from the moment I arrived at the station, we have already increased the number of tests from 700 to almost 7000 per day,” said the minister.

According to him, in the near future – an increase of up to 10 thousand tests per day.

“Our laboratories are ready for this. We are constantly expanding the circle of people we test by PCR,” he said.

In addition, said Stepanov, it is further planned, at the expense of the Stabilization Fund, to purchase 30 amplifiers, which will also be delivered to the laboratory (a device that provides periodic and rapid temperature changes (cooling and heating) of test tubes with a solution, usually with an accuracy of at least 0.1 ° C. (This device allows you to perform quick and precise searches on COVID-19 – Ed.).

According to Stepanov, a number of other decisions have also been made regarding laboratory equipment, PCR systems, which will be purchased at donor expense. These solutions will bring the number of tests to 20-25,000 per day.

“We hope we can do it during this month,” said the minister.

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The PCR method is considered to be precise because it captures the presence of the virus itself (its DNA or RNA, which carry genetic information). A sample of material for this COVID-19 test is taken from the human nasal mucosa. The essence of the method is to identify a fragment of RNA or DNA from the pathogen (i.e., virus) in the sample. The method is quite complicated, but it makes it possible to identify the virus, even if the sample contains only one molecule of its genome.

As of May 3, Ukraine had confirmed 11,913 cases of COVID-19, including 502 on the last day.

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