The number of unemployed in Ukraine exceeded half a million


171 thousand PF applied for unemployment assistance

The number of unemployed in Ukraine exceeded half a million. Photo:

The number of registered unemployed in Ukraine is about 517 thousand people, of which 432.9 thousand people are already receiving unemployment benefits. This was stated by the Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine Igor Petrashko.

As of July 14, according to the press service of the department, employers submitted more than 197 thousand packages of documents to employment centers under the Partial Unemployment Assistance Program, out of which 171 thousand PFs have been hired without employees. At present, 175 thousand decisions have been made to pay 326 thousand employees (out of which more than 153 thousand are for POPs).

“The logic of a partial unemployment program is simple – so that enterprises do not fire people. For this, we make payments that are direct and irrevocable. Such financial support provides an opportunity for the business, and most important, for small and medium-sized businesses, to feel more confident in the future and to recover after quarantine is complete, ”said Igor Petrashko.

List of areas by number of decisions on assignment of partial unemployment benefits:

Live Zone – 34.875 positive decisions;
Kharkov Region – 24,723 decisions;
Ivano-Frankivsk Region – 17,155 decisions;
Donetsk Region – 16.858 decision;
Chernivtsi Region – 16,723 decisions;
Sumi Region – 16,340 decisions.

The Ministry of Economy said that according to the general situation in the labor market, the number of registered unemployed has reached a plateau. The indicator of 517 thousand unemployed does not exceed this mark for four consecutive weeks.

“We see that due to the decisions taken by the government and the president to restore economic activity, the dynamics are positive. There are reasons for optimism. We do not envisage a substantial increase in the new number of applicants, ”commented the minister.

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We previously wrote that at the end of May, the number of registered unemployed in Ukraine crossed 511 thousand people, of which more than 57% are women. According to Oksana Kseleva, the head of the project “Gender Budgeting in Ukraine”, the biggest decrease was seen among workers in trade, catering and services – “in the areas where women are most concentrated”.

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