The occupants of the “L / DPR” recognized the success of the armed forces of Ukraine: activists told how the Ukrainian army crushes them



The revelation of the Russian killer mercenary went on social networks. He admitted that the Ukrainian FBO fighters had dismantled the partially occupied Donetsk positions. According to him, they do it regularly.

Soldier. Photo –

This information was reported by “Dialog.UA“, Referred to the separatist media, reports” MFN “.

“I spoke with the Donetsk soldiers. Their situation is no better. Ukraine is not at all embarrassed regularly to dismantle our shooting positions using all kinds of techniques. Of course, we still have units at the front that dare to go back. But this is just a drop in the ocean, ”he said.

In addition, the source said that the Ukrainian army had not attacked at all. On the contrary, the armed forces are fighting the constant provocations of the L / DPR separatists, thereby crushing them. Numerous documents are published, as well as reports from OSCE experts, which are only subject to provocations by the invaders.

Recall that in the Donbass, they revealed what will happen to people from Ukraine in the “DPR”: details.



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