The only way to treat coronavirus: the Ministry of Health announced a strict algorithm



The Ukrainian Ministry of Health has approved a strict algorithm for the treatment of infected coronaviruses. This was personally declared by the Minister of Health Maxim Stepanov.

Maxim Stepanov.
Maxim Stepanov. Photo –

It is reported by “Dialogue“, Reports” MFN “.

All doctors in the country now have an established treatment algorithm.

“Alas, there is still no universal medicine or effective vaccination against the coronavirus. In addition, no one is immune to infection. However, we have been able to benefit from the experience of countries which, before Ukraine, were confronted with this disaster and we now have a clear algorithm for medical actions, “said Stepanov.

He added that in addition to the processing algorithm, it is extremely important to listen to the idea of ​​tightening the quarantine. In addition, the country still needs to raise the salary level of doctors in the field. This is a heroic act and should be appreciated. He noted that Ukraine’s medical success is far from the required level and that medicine is now awaiting reform.

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