The owner of the Kremlin has not given up on his plans – the Ukrainian general said when to fear the “blow” by the Russian Federation to Ukraine



Veteran of external intelligence, General Vasily Bogdan, believes that the Russian Federation is not ready for the escalation of the conflict in Donbas. But, it does not exclude that the situation could worsen in summer. According to him, the worsening of the military conflict could occur in June-July.

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This is reported by the NPF, citing an independent publication DonPress

Lieutenant-General Vasily Bogdan shared his predictions regarding the development of the situation in the Donbass. According to Bogdan, the Russian Federation is not ready to conduct a large-scale military operation in eastern Ukraine. Bogdan, noted that the Russian Federation now has enough of its problems, including problems with the military contingent. At the same time, Bogdan recalled that along the Ukrainian border are Russian troops ready for the offensive. The Ukrainian general believes that to begin a large-scale invasion of the Kremlin, a few days are enough for preparation.

“Russian troops are standing along our border, ready for the offensive. In fact, two or three days will be enough for them to mobilize for a large-scale invasion of Ukrainian territory, “said the general.

Vasily Bogdan added that Putin has not given up on his plans. He believes that the owner of the Kremlin still needs a land corridor to the annexed Crimea. Bogdan does not rule out the possibility that the escalation of the conflict in eastern Ukraine could begin during the summer, around June-July.

“The master of the Kremlin has not abandoned his plans to force the land corridor to the Crimea and cut off all of south-eastern Ukraine … According to rumors, the Russian president expects Ukraine is considerably weakened by the coronavirus, and in June-July Putin can “crush” “For our country,” said Lieutenant-General Bogdan.

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