The peak of coronavirus infection in Ukraine: an infectious disease specialist has appointed the probable date of the decline of the epidemic



The peak of coronavirus infection in Ukraine is expected on April 20, and if Easter doesn’t bring people down, the epidemic of coronavirus infection could wane.

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Coronavirus peak in Ukraine.
An infectious disease doctor spoke of the likely spike in cornavirus in Ukraine. Photo:

This was stated by the former director of the Health Center, a doctor specializing in infectious diseases Vladimir Kurpita.

In his view, it is necessary to take into account data on the dynamics of the distribution of coronaviruses in China, Italy and Spain.

“If the first cases of the disease in China appeared in early December, and were officially announced in late December, then the peak of the disease occurred on February 8. In other words, in two months. It was about the same in Italy and Spain. “ – explained Kurpita.

According to the infectious disease specialist, since the infection was first registered in Ukraine in early March, it can be concluded that the peak of coronavirus is likely to occur after April 20.

“After that, it will decrease and eventually fall to more or less stable figures at the end of May. If it is made easier by the good weather, the gardens and less contact between people “, – the doctor assured.

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