The Pension Fund has made an important statement concerning many Ukrainians



The Pension Fund announced a lack of funds to provide Ukrainian pensioners with decent pensions.

This is reported by the NPF with reference to

The PFC made an important statement.
The Pension Fund talked about the changes that affect many Ukrainians. Photo:

Therefore, the Ukrainian government has decided to introduce a new pension reform, which will start operating in 2021.

According to the PFU, the first changes will affect beneficiaries of preferential pensions, who have the right to retire before the deadline. The number of these beneficiaries will decrease sharply. In addition, the retirement pension will be abolished, it will only be left to a limited circle of people.

In addition, Ukraine should introduce an increased single social contribution rate for harmful professions.

And the last – the transfer of Ukrainians to the funded pension system.

In addition, as previously mentioned, in order to reduce the expenses of the Pension Fund, the required service life will increase each year in Ukraine, which will reach 35 years by 2028.

And the good news is that from July 1, Ukraine will increase the cost of living to 2118 hryvnia, and therefore the minimum pension will increase to 1712 hryvnia.

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