The PO has indicated how they will solve the problem of “staff hunger” in Ukraine



The PO has indicated how they will solve the problem of “staff hunger” in Ukraine

05/30.2020 06:41


The authorities, in close alliance with the National Presidential Academy of Public Administration, will be able to remove from the agenda the staff shortages in Ukraine.

The first deputy chief of the office of the president Sergey Trofimov shared this idea with the readers of his chain Telegram after a meeting with the leaders of the academy.

“The restart of the Ukrainian government, which began with the election of Vladimir Zelensky as President of Ukraine, forces us all to seek out and train high-level government officials for government at all levels. I am convinced that in close alliance with the academy we will be able to remove the staff shortages from the agenda in Ukraine I am ready to support any Academy projects aim to improve the quality of training government managers, “said Trofimov.

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He stressed that Ukraine needs professional state managers, and the National Academy of Public Administration led by the President of Ukraine has provided knowledge to those who have already become or plan to become the best in public administration for 25 years.

Trofimov discussed with the staff of the Academy, as well as acting The president of the Academy Anatoly Savkov and his ex-president (2016-2019) Vasily Kuybida the difficulties that the university had to face during the 6 past years, as well as plans for the future.

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