The pool of assets of the bankrupt bank “Nadra” is sold: who is the buyer


The bank was declared bankrupt in 2015

The Ukrainian bankrupt bank’s asset pool went under the hammer. Photo:

The Personal Deposit Guarantee Fund (FGVFL) sold a pool of assets of Nadra Bank at an auction with a 99% discount for approximately 28 billion UAH. Bidding done according to Dutch auction model Prozorro.Sales.

Nadara Bank’s asset pool includes claims on individuals with mortgage loans worth billion.25 billion, car loans – US $ 1.9 billion, unsecured loans – 7 billion.ured billion as well as claims on business entities (legal entity, FOP) – 7.3 billion by UAH.

It is reported that prior to 2008 a large part of the loan was issued by the bank. A portion of the assets of this pool was mortgaged by the National Bank.

The initial (starting) price was 390.062 million UAH, the lowest price for the lot – 3.9 million UAH. The winner of the bid was the financial company Dipropinance Group with an offer of 188.9 million UAH out of 16 participants. The company involved in the auction was “Development Finance”, which offered 185 million UAH.

In December 2019, Dnipropetrofinance Group purchased the mortgage pool Delta Bank from the Federal State Financial Fund for $ 327 million from 12.4 million UAH. In the State Registry, the ultimate beneficiary of the FC Diproeparaffinance Group is Vadim Bruyakin.

Recall that in April FGVFL sold two of Nadra Bank’s mortgage pools – 1.12 billion UAH (at 98% discount) and 1.15 billion USD at 10.7 million for 99% discount.

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In 2015, the board of the National Bank of Ukraine adopted a resolution on the classification of commercial bank “Nadra” as a bankrupt. In its press release, the National Bank noted that Nadra Bank’s classification was carried out as non-feasibility in 2009, since the introduction of provisional administration in 2009, which was specifically aimed at the riskiness of previous management Activities that did not ensure high quality bank management. And that actually brought him into bankruptcy.

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