The process of destruction of Ukraine has started – in the “OPZZh” prepare for action



In the fraction “HMW” said that for Ukraine, the beginning of the end is coming. This opinion was expressed by the people’s deputy of Ukraine of the “HLS” Ilya Kiva, who spoke about the actions of the nationalists. According to him, their actions will bring about the complete collapse of the country.

HLS. Photo – 5.UA

This information was reported by myself. Kiva on the official website, reports “MFN”.

“The process of destruction of Ukraine has started. A number of combat units have been prepared. Tomorrow they will shoot people on our streets. These people belong to certain organizations, such as the “National Corps”, – said the people’s deputy.

According to Kiva, radical nationalists are doing everything possible to transform Ukraine into a colony and then destroy it completely. He also accused the nationalist organizations of racketeering and kidnapping. Kiva did not remain silent on the fact that the nationalists are destroying Ukrainian affairs.

“Someone is fully implementing the plan for the complete decomposition of society and the destruction of our country. However, we will deal with this. For this, we have created the civil movement “Patriots – For Life”. We are going to face the chaos and the anarchy which reigns in our country ”, summarizes Kiva.

Recall that the occupiers of the “L / DPR” recognized the success of the armed forces: activists have told how Ukraine crushes them.



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