The public consumer service plans to check the compliance of the quarantine at 10,000 cafes and restaurants



The public consumer service plans to check the compliance of the quarantine at 10,000 cafes and restaurants

The public consumer service plans to check the compliance of the quarantine at 10,000 cafes and restaurants

06/21.2020 08:54


Next week, the National Food and Beverage Service is expected to carry out at least 10,000 compliance checks by catering establishments with sanitary and hygienic standards and anti-epidemic requirements.

This was announced on June 20 at a meeting of the committee on technological and environmental security and emergencies by Alexei Chernyshov, Minister of Community and Territory Development, first vice-president of the State Commission for energy and energy complexes and emergencies, the ministry said.

“The country has a growing trend in the number of patients with COVID-19. To date, the number of people infected is 35,825 people. On the second day, unfortunately, we register around a thousand new cases every day, and this is the result of low social responsibility both on the part of citizens and on the part of commercial and other businesses. There is therefore an urgent need to adjust anti-epidemic measures in the direction of strengthening control. I ask and urge you to respect social distance and the mask regime in public places. I ask you to pay particular attention to the work and respect by public catering establishments of the standards established during the fight against the pandemic. As you can see, the resumption of work in public catering establishments has in some cases led to a violation of sanitary-hygienic and anti-epidemic requirements in terms of mass events. Therefore, I think that massive checks are necessary; at least 10,000 inspections should be carried out next week by the National Food and Beverage Service to verify compliance with catering establishments. There is also a certain danger for transport users – the attention to and compliance with the recommendations of the Ministry of Health in all public places and institutions without exception is extremely important. Otherwise, an even greater number of illnesses await us and, therefore, increased restrictions, ”said Chernyshov.

The meeting was attended by the presidents of regional state administrations, in regions with high incidence rates – Transcarpathia, Lviv, Odessa, Chernivtsi, Kiev, Rivne, as well as the president of the administration of the city state of Kiev. During the meeting, the status of the increasing incidence rate and the need for urgent action to curb the spread of COVID-19 in an adaptive quarantine environment were discussed.

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Based on the results of the Commission meeting, regulatory bodies should receive relevant instructions. In particular, the Ukrtranscurity, the State Food and Beverage Service and the National Police will be responsible for strengthening the monitoring of compliance by health entities with health standards; ensure the implementation of State control over compliance with the trade in food and non-food products, markets, public catering establishments with the rules established by the Ministry of Health and strengthen control over compliance with health standards when transporting passengers by urban transport, as well as the suburban train and suburban and interregional public transport.

As reported, in June in Ukraine, new anti-registrations of the incidence of COVID-19 were established. As of June 19, coronavirus was confirmed in 921 people per day; on the morning of June 20, the number of new confirmed cases was 841.

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