The quarantine in the “LPR” hardens: new restrictions appeared in the “republic”




In the so-called “LPR”, they decided from April 1 to introduce additional restrictions for residents of the “republic” in connection with the threat of the spread of the coronavirus. “Republic” authorities said that to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, registration of marriages would be suspended.

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This is reported by the NPF, referring to the portal DonPress

The “authorities”, called “LPR”, have introduced new restrictions in connection with the coronavirus pandemic. Since April 1, registration of marriages has been suspended in the “republic”. In addition, the “extremely sanitary and anti-epidemic commission” of the “republic” decided to stop the work of notaries during a pandemic, as well as to suspend the reception of documents by the authorities for registration of property rights .

In addition, in the “republic”, workers in housing and municipal service companies will not temporarily verify the readings of electricity meters with the population.

It should be noted that recently, the “LPR authorities” officially announced the first confirmed case of coronavirus infection.

We previously reported that the European Union has responded to Putin’s decree on land in the Crimea.

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