The reality star Nema Wand on the school friendship with Meghan Markle: “She played with male hearts, everyone was in love”



Meghan Markle / Nema wand

Former classmates and friends of 38-year-old Meghan Markle periodically tell the press what it looked like before they met Prince Harry and the wedding. The other day, the Duchess’ childhood friend, the star of the reality show Bravo Nema Wand, in one of the podcasts, recalled that Megan was a real heartbreaker of her youth and knew how to attract the attention of the opposite sex. Megan and Nema were very close because the Catholic girls’ school where Markle studied was not far from his school.

I grew up with her, we were friends for a long time. She always knew what she was doing. Megan has masterfully played male hearts. I remember once we were at a party together. At one point, she sat on my lap, we were face to face. For a 16 year old guy, this is a very emotional moment. Megan told me in Farsi (an Indo-European language with ancient history. – Ed.) That I am beautiful. Then I asked how she knew the Persian language, and she replied that she had learned this sentence for me. After that, she left

– said Nem.

Nema wand

Meghan Markle

Wand added that at his school, Megan was “a woman among the girls”. The reality star admitted that Markle was very sweet and kind, and all the boys in their environment were madly in love with her.

Later, on her Instagram account, Nema Wand explained what exactly he had in mind when he spoke about Meghan Markle. He admitted that he rarely remembered the school’s friendship with Megan, and expressed the hope that he would like this sweet story from the past:

And from that moment on, my 16-year-old heart didn’t beat like before … Okay, actually, I rarely say anything about Megan, but many years ago in high school, she was truly an incredibly sweet and kind friend. Megan was nice to absolutely everyone. I hope she will enjoy this innocent journey into our common past.

Meghan Markle at school

Remember that former father Meghan Markle, Thomas, 75, shared with his daughter photos of his daughter taken during the play. Thomas Markle noted that even then Megan was very impudent and artistic, and also noted that she “always wanted to play something glamorous”.

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