The rector of Pochaev’s laure did not keep his promise to close the church for Easter



The rector of Pochaev's laure did not keep his promise to close the church for Easter

The abbot and the clergy of laure Sainte Pochaev violated the church’s closing promises for Easter.

Such a statement was made by the chairman of the Kremenetsky district council Vladimir Stefansky during the socio-political talk show “The right to power”.

“I personally spoke to Vladyka in advance, about 3 to 4 weeks ago. In particular, I was talking about certain agreements regarding the closure of their Lavra hotel. Yes, it was closed, as agreed. Later , negotiations with the clergy of Lavra were carried out by the chief of police department of the region of Ternopil. Some agreements were fulfilled, others were not. In particular, on the disinfection of laurel territories, other things were respected. But the laurel churches were not closed. outside, as we agreed, but also in the temple, where many people came, “said Stefansky.

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He also said that, by its decision, the Kremenechchin district government completely blocked the entry and exit of the city of Pochayiv. Closed and Pochaev Lavra. In other words, the laurel governor respected the agreements mentioned before Easter.

Stefansky also said local people supported the decision of the district authorities to block the town, although there are those who disagree.

“We were not allowed to allow the spread of this coronavirus to the entire Kremenets district, in the Ternopol region, etc. So I think we have done the right thing,” added the president. of the district council.

In addition, according to him, epidemiologists have identified the town of Pochaev with an 8 thousandth population completely contacted. At the time, when severe measures were introduced, there were already 30 cases.

Now there are already 46, and, according to Vladimir Stefansky, on the morning of April 24, that number could increase from 13 to 15 people.

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As previously reported by Ukrainian News, the Pochaev Assumption Lavra was closed for quarantine on April 21 and quarantine checkpoints were established around the city of Pochaev.

They are served 24 hours a day by the police, rescuers and military personnel from the Kremenets military station.

According to Aleksandr Bogomol, head of GUNP in the Ternopil region, only doctors, social workers and people who supply the city with food, medicine and special vehicles are allowed to enter or leave the city.

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