The relationship between the number of dead and recovered from a coronavirus in Ukraine raises a big question – Birch



The former member said that in our country, unlike most other countries, the number of deaths from COVID-19 exceeds the number of people who have recovered.

Coronavirus in Ukraine
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Borislav Bereza writes about this in his Telegram, reports “MFN”.

“These official data raise a big question, which should not remain without an official answer. I hope that in today’s video speech, the President will tell us why we have more deaths than coronavirus recoveries. After all, this is very different from the situation in other countries. “

Birch noted that more than 80,000 people have died from coronaviruses worldwide, but more than 300,000 have been cured.

“Even in Russia with 7,945 cases, there are 58 deaths and 494 convalescences. But in Ukraine, 52 people have already died and only 38 have recovered. Aren’t you surprised by this ratio? I see two options here: either the government “chemises” with the tests and does not perform them specifically so as not to spoil the statistics, or cannot provide normal treatment even for this number of patients. “

A similar opinion is shared by political scientist Andrei Smoliy. It is also notedthat the report of the dead and recovered is very surprising. Admittedly, the political scientist believes that this is due to the fact that the authorities do not carry out mass tests:

“To date, in our country, 7,205 coronavirus screening tests have been carried out. Or 165 tests for 1 million inhabitants. It may be the lowest rate in the world.

The figures show that we detect the disease at a very late stage, therefore more deaths. It is an abnormal indicator compared to other countries. “

It is the lack of mass testing, concludes Smoly, that is the main problem:

“There are no tests of doctors, soldiers … Yes, in the end, all those who want it, which is completely normal in other countries of the world.

And until we start the mass tests, we will have more and more deaths. The absence of mass testing during a pandemic is a crime and an irresponsibility of the authorities. “

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