The Reroll Tier List and Chaos Era Reroll Guide for 2022


Welcome to a new game that comes with many battles and adventures to the RPG gaming world. There is a turn-based game called Awaken: Chaos Era which features a gacha system. This is a record-breaking game that is made by gaming fans, as it was the first game made by gamers for gamers. 

The game had the potential for massive positive reviews from players after the recent soft launch from Century Games Publishing. Awaken: Chaos Era was subsequently released worldwide. Below is the trailer.

It has only been a few hours since the global launch of Awaken: Chaos Era, so we expect that you will have many questions. Fortunately, we are here to help. 

Here are the steps you need to take to reroll your Awaken: Chaos Era character to earn the best hero. Both methods will be discussed in great detail in this guide. Now let’s get started. Click here to see the Awaken Chaos Era Tier list.

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Method 01: Chaos Reroll – Awaken

This game requires you to first complete its tutorial in order to perform a reroll. As long as you use the adventure mode, which is, in other words, normal mode, you can use all the functions and menu options in the game, from stages 2 through 8.

The lobby screen, or the main screen as we call it, allows you to tap on the mailbox and claim all of the rewards therein. There will be more diamonds that you will be able to earn by joining the newbie program.

Whenever you complete the levels from two to eight, you will be able to unlock more from the rookie summon feature and you will be able to get more rewards. It will be possible to have more advanced summon crystals and diamonds if you can redeem the codes from Awaken: Chaos Era.

After you have redeemed all your codes and have claimed all the rewards from the mailbox, you then have the option to choose between the normal or advanced banner in the summon menu.

Diamonds and advanced summoning crystals can be spent on this section. The goal is to choose a hero who is epic or legendary in grade. Legendary grade heroes typically drop at a lower rate than the others. The drop rate for epic heroes is 10%, and the drop rate for elite heroes is 89%.

Method 02 in Awaken: Chaos Era Reroll

It is still possible for a player to rest their accounts and reroll if they didn’t get a chance to take any top-tier heroes from the start or by using codes or newbie rewards. You can navigate to your account by tapping the start icon and then selecting settings from the menu that appears. There will be an option to Reset the Data, and you can tap it to confirm that you want to do that. 

It then appears a message informing you that the account you are logged into is being

forced to turn offline, and it will take you back to the title screen without any further explanation. Simply tap on start again and your game will begin from the first moment again. There are a few things that you should bear in mind about a reset. Here are a few things that you should take into account. 

As a result of a reset, your account will downgrade to the level and all the data and heroes you have accumulated will be erased. 

By resetting, all purchases will be erased, and your purchase history will be included as well. 

Whenever you reset your phone, it will erase all the messages you have sent and received, as well as your social connections. 

By resetting an account, all leaderboards will be removed from the player’s account as well

Chaos Era Reroll Tier List – Awaken

Awaken: Chaos Era tier list consists of four positions that are usually referred to as C, B, A and S ranking. A hero’s ranking was determined by their overall performance in the game, and every hero has a different ranking. Tier S heroes can be defined as the most valuable heroes because they excel in a wide range of game areas. 

The best characters in your game will fall into Tier A, while the average heroes will fall into Tier B. The lowest heroes are only able to reach the C rank, and they will be of use to you for a few of your gameplay areas.  Additionally, all the characters have been divided into groups according to their importance within their respective factions. It is clear that Legendary characters have the highest importance within their respective factions. However, Epic characters have a second place, and Elite characters hold the third position.

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