The results of the hardening of the quarantine will be visible in seven to eight days: Lyashko



Speaking about the Right to Water program, Ukraine’s health official Viktor Lyashko spoke about the results of his trip to Nikolaev and new measures to tighten up quarantine in the country.

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Victor Lyashko on his late forties.
The results of the improvement in quarantine will be visible in a week. Photo:

According to him, after the introduction of stricter quarantine restrictions in Ukraine due to the coronavirus epidemic, there is hope for positive results which could appear in seven to eight days.

“We will see the results of a tighter quarantine in just seven to eight days, following the dynamics. The growth we have today – a daily increase of 10 to 15% in the number of cases – is the expected increase, and it is much lower than it would be without the introduction of quarantine measures, “ – Lyashko pointed out.

The Deputy Minister also expressed the view that if all of the proposed measures were followed, the maximum incidence rate in our country could go unnoticed.

Lyashko noted that the dynamics of the increasing incidence rate in Ukraine is weaker than in other countries of the European Union, citing the fact that we reached the thousands of infected people much later.
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