The return of Crimea and Donbas: an American intelligence officer said if Putin was ready to give Ukraine the occupied territories



Former CIA deputy chief Jack Devine shared his views on whether Russian President Vladimir Putin was ready to return the occupied territories to Ukraine during the coronavirus pandemic and the economic crisis. The American intelligence officer believes that the return to Ukraine of the annexed Crimea and the occupied Donbas will not take place any time soon.

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Former CIA deputy chief Jack Devine says Russian President Vladimir Putin has no plans to give the occupied territories to Ukraine. This is evidenced by the fact that the head of the Kremlin is strengthening his position. Devine noted the recent changes in the Constitution of the Russian Federation. According to the American intelligence officer, the new version of the Constitution of the Russian Federation shows that Putin will not abandon the occupied territories.

“The Constitution, which is introduced in Russia, is a formal document that only reinforces the reality of the current system, in particular the idea that you cannot cede territories previously occupied. Putin is simply correcting the reality and making it clear that he will not give up any territory, “said Devine.

In addition, he believes that the Kremlin leader will be in power in Russia for a long time.

“Putin will remain in power as long as he has health and desire. He has strengthened his position well, “said the American intelligence officer.

Devine added that the fall in oil prices, the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, as well as Western sanctions are negatively affecting the Russian Federation. But, for Putin, as for a man who has strengthened his position, according to the former CIA intelligence officer, this will not be a challenge.

“Putin is the center of power in Russia, and I don’t see that he can be challenged, at least for now,” said Devine.

Earlier, we reported that the Russian Federation was using punitive psychiatry in the annexed Crimea, replied the United States.

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