The return of Donbas – a check in the “head” of Ukraine: Piontkovsky warned of the Kremlin’s insidious plans



According to the famous Russian political scientist Andrei Piontkovsky, at the April 30 Normandy online conference, the protocol on the creation of the so-called advisory council actually ended.

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Political scientist Andrei Piontkovsky.
Piontkovsky warned Ukraine of the Kremlin’s insidious plans. Photo:

The political scientist sees this as a small victory for Ukraine.

Piontkovsky recalled his warnings about Russia’s plans for Ukraine. The Kremlin has repeatedly tried to intervene in the internal affairs of the Ukrainian state, trying to infiltrate its people not only in government, but even in the presidential administration.

In his view, all of the Putin’s plans are increasingly failing.

Piontkovsky says Putin wants to destroy Ukraine by “Restoration of its territorial integrity”. The Kremlin does not need the Donbass – it needs the whole country.

Having an unlimited resource armed to the teeth “Polite Green Men” as well as the scum of society’s “Car washing” distant places of Russia, “The return of Donbass – a check in the head of Ukraine” – the political scientist considers.

And, although Moscow recently received a clear warning from the United States regarding non-interference in the affairs of Ukraine and Belarus, which frightened the Russian security forces, Putin decided not to change his plan.

Earlier, it was reported that the format of the Donbas negotiations had radically changed.

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