The revolutionary situation has matured in Russia, or how the coronavirus beats Putin



During his 20 years in power, Putin was particularly careful in setting up an authoritarian regime in Russia and gained a life of power by canceling presidential terms.

This is reported by the NPF with reference to

Professor Zubov Andrey Borisovich.
Russian historian and political scientist Andrei Zubov on the era of revolutions in the Russian Federation. Photo:

However, according to Russian historian and political scientist Andrei Borisovich Zubov, with this “cancellation”, the Russian president has in fact legitimized anarchy in the country.

In the country, the third month in which the coronavirus rages, the number of people infected continues to increase every day, the number of deaths – too.

And the government is not actually making any decisions that can at least in one way or another reduce the influence of coronavirus and related quarantine on people.

The authorities can only force that, in the context of the coronavirus epidemic, according to Zubov, it can turn into a boomerang, namely mass demonstrations, ignoring the directions and ultimately lead Russia to chaos and disaster.

“Putin and his power fail to get along with those who did not choose them, to whom they imposed themselves by cunning and violence, and they fall lower and lower. Their support melts before our eyes “, – emphasizes the historian.

In truth: the upper classes cannot govern in a new way, and the lower classes do not want to live in the old way. In all, a revolutionary situation has matured in Russia.

Earlier, it was reported that Putin could help die.

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