The riot on social networks: the inhabitants of ORDLO seek a way to influence Pushilin on the question of the opening of the CPVV in the Donbass



Residents of the temporarily occupied territory of Donbass continue to feel that the IAF is in no hurry to open the CPVV in Donbass for its part. The indignant inhabitants of the “DPR” are looking for different ways to contact the “head of the republic” Denis Pushilin.

Ordlo residents
Residents of Ordlo. Photo –

This was reported by the portal Donpress referring to social networks, reports MFN.

The inhabitants of the temporarily occupied territory of Donbass are outraged by the fact that the “DPR authorities” are in no hurry to resolve the problem of the opening of the CPVV by the demarcation line on their part. ORDLO residents on social networks offer various options for contacting representatives of the “government” and in particular the head of the “republic” Denis Pushilin.

Some users of social networks offer to organize a gathering under the “administration” of Pushilin.

“They went around completely, people don’t care. We must rebel and mount a rally under the administration. Our “government” needs a major upheaval, “write residents of Ordlo.

Residents of the occupied Donetsk region write that if they do not start to act, then the Donbass CPVM on the militant side can remain closed until the end of the summer.

“Summer in the” DPR “is not, to put it mildly, what I dreamed of,” wrote one of the users of social networks.

But some residents of Ordlo propose to act more radically. They write that regarding the opening of the CPVV in the Donbass, it is necessary “to write to the Kremlin and to the site of the United Russia party”. Others noted that this discussion on social networks would not lead to any success.

There are also those who propose to appeal to the “authorities of the republic” with an ultimatum on the opening of the CPVV from June 22.

“Let’s all focus on the date of June 22.”

“We demand the unconditional opening of the CPVV from June 22,” write the residents of the “DPR” on social networks.

ORDLO residents write that activists can only start crossing checkpoints after the Victory Day parade, which “MNR authorities” plan to hold in occupied Donetsk on June 24.

We previously reported that the Russian Federation refused to open the border with the L / DPR.



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