The RTC will become an ordinary market entity, but it is unlikely to disappear – Malyuska



The RTC will become an ordinary market entity, but it is unlikely to disappear - Malyuska

The RTC will become an ordinary market entity, but it is unlikely to disappear – Malyuska

05/28.2020 01:32


The Minister of Justice, Denis Malyuka, believes that the system of technical inventory offices should not cease to exist in Ukraine.

Malyushka said this in an interview with, answering the question of whether the RTC will be phased out as planned.

“If BTI’s data is registered in the register of property rights, then it will lose part of its functionality. And the development and preparation of passports, technical inventories can be carried out by private companies and people who have the appropriate rights to such activities. However, BTI is unlikely to disappear – they will become a regular market entity in the private sector. Some will close, “said the minister.

According to him, there is now no longer a monopoly on the technical inventory of real estate, today it is mainly provided by the private sector: “The BTI monopoly only concerns documents proving ownership. And if you delete it, the value of the BTI will be zero. “

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Answering the question, at what stage is the filling of the property registers (after five years have passed since their launch, and the RTC should have passed all the documents), the head of the Ministry of Justice noted that the RTC does shouldn’t have transferred anything.

“Although that would be good, because the new registers do not have a large amount of data concerning property rights that have emerged or recent transactions on which a long time ago. The apartments and premises which have been sold or pledged in the register are. And those with whom they have had no operations – only in the RTC. And we had the idea of ​​registering these databases independently in the register of property rights. This is a difficult work. In addition, there will be resistance from the RTC, because it is their jobs, their business, ”said Malyuska.

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He also informed that soon in one of the cities of the Kiev region, it is planned to enter data in the register of real estate rights in pilot mode – that is to say to transfer everything from BTI. “If we succeed, we will repeat it in Kiev and in other big cities. But you have to negotiate with the local authorities and take many organizational measures, ”concluded the head of the Ministry of Justice.

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