The Russian army leaves Crimea: the situation in Abkhazia forced the aggressor to weaken his positions



The military forces of the Russian Federation urgently leave temporarily occupied Crimea. Biological, chemical and radiological protection units are being redirected to Abkhazia in order to stabilize the situation with the coronaviruses.

RF military
The soldiers of the Russian Federation. Photo –

It is reported by “Censor.NO“, Reports” MFN “.

A column made up of 13 special vehicles with the army moves from the Crimea towards Abkhazia. The situation in Abkhazia has become more complex than expected by the Russian Federation, without further assistance, the course of events could become uncontrollable.

Once there, the soldiers organize a car park and special treatment points for the equipment used for disinfection.

It should be noted that among the vehicles selected there are mobile aerosol disinfection complexes, ARS-14M automatic filling stations and TMS-65U thermal engines with a jet engine.

It is still unclear to what extent such a transfer of forces will weaken the military forces of the Russian Federation in Crimea, however, these data represent certain advantages for the Ukrainian side.

Recall that, as previously mentioned, Maryna Poroshenko personally prepares Easter cakes for the army: the former president boasted of the talents of his wife.

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