The Russian fans seemed to be an ordinary fake Chinese: what have the “high” technologies of the Russian Federation achieved?



The Russian Federation is concerned about the deterioration of the high-tech industry. It’s no longer a secret, even President Putin uses American Polycom devices for video communication sessions, which in general can threaten the security of Russia.

This is reported by the NPF, referring to

Russian fans, assembled on Chinese components. Photo:

On May 18, another deception became known. The fact is that the Russian fans, who were ignited and caused deaths in hospitals, turned out to be not at all Russian, but an ordinary fake Chinese.

Information on this subject was published in Moskovsky Komsomolets, then in a number of telegram chains.

Reports indicate that virtually all components of artificial ventilation devices are Chinese, and Russian, according to the authors of the publications, is just a name, “Assembled”, “label hanging from front to back”.

Journalists said recent events in Russia have caused serious problems in the high-tech manufacturing industry.

In other words, the increase in the production of high-tech equipment means an increase in deliveries from China and “Some additional hired workers who can hold a screwdriver in their hand”, – report the authors of the material.

It has already been reported that Putin has fallen into a trap.



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