The second phase of quarantine weakening is coming: what and when it will open


Shopping centers are not open yet, but industrial markets, big shops and gyms will start functioning

Klitschko talked about the second phase of weakening quarantine: what and when it will open

Metropolitan Mayor Vitaly Klitschko spoke in Kiev about the second phase of restrictive quarantine measures, which they plan to start after 22 May.

After May 22, the capital, like other regions of Ukraine, will begin the next phase of loosening restrictions. In particular, subject to safety rules and conditions, the industrial market, with an area of ​​up to 1 thousand square meters, will start functioning, except for big shops, gyms, fitness centers, pools, ”Klitschko said.

The mayor also stated that in Kiev they plan to resume ground public transport work in the normal mode after 22 May. But the metro will be launched a little later – from May 25, for which the government’s decision is expected.

To open a shopping and entertainment center – for now, it may be an additional threat. It was said by the vice president of Kiev City State Administration Valentin Mondrievsky.

“Shopping centers are not open yet, as we monitor events. Today, the mayor spoke again about the number of patients in the city, and Dynamics so far tells us that the opening of a shopping center, where it is not yet possible to ensure that the required number of people is on one standard, There may be an additional danger. Therefore, we are studying the situation, ”said Mondrigski.

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Recall, Ukraine does not restore international scheduled flights. In addition, passenger crossing points continue to operate in a special mode.

The Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Vladislav Krikly called the categories of people who can run away after May 20 and buy tickets:

  • Foreign nationals
  • Workers and people who have residence permits
  • Students studying in other countries
  • People who are required to travel for medical purposes.

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