The “servants of the people” promise to punish Tichchenko for violation of quarantine



The scandal surrounding the Velor restaurant, which belongs to the people’s deputy Nikolai Tishchenko, does not go away.

Nikolay Tishchenko
Nikolay Tishchenko. Stock Photo –

It is reported by the “NPF” referring to “Apostrophe“.

Thus, according to the deputy head of the “CH” faction, Alexander Kornienko, the question of Tishchenko’s punishment will be discussed at a faction meeting next week:

“We couldn’t meet before because there were about 40. I think that next week we will meet and discuss the matter with our colleague. We will most likely meet on May 18. “

Kornienko added that the President of Ukraine had already had a difficult conversation with Tishchenko:

“Nikolai has assured that he will pay the fine. Now he makes chops for doctors treating coronavirus patients … In general, he atones for his guilt as best he can. “

Recall that Tichchenko had previously stated that the president had not contacted him regarding the quarantine violation.

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