The service attracted $ 17 million investment for the remote work of merchants


Cloud9 – A fully compatible cloud voice system

The merchants’ solution for remote work attracted a $ 17 million investment. Photo:

US Cloud 9 Technologies, a provider of voice trading software in the exchanges, has invested $ 17.5 million. The fund was received as part of a second round of financing conducted by UBS, the largest Swiss financial holding, with the participation of JP Morgan and Barclays, who had previously invested in the project.

Representatives of Cloud9 said that their business had grown by more than 50% since March, as the company was able to attract many large clients, including major World Bank and investment management firms. All thanks to the increasing demand for remote access for virtual trading platforms, which became especially important during the COVID-19 epidemic.

Unlike remote access service providers, which still rely on physical servers, Cloud9 is by far the only fully compatible cloud voice system.

“We are striving not only to equip our merchants with tools for seamless and flexible communication – which is particularly important during current crises – but also because we see many advantages for the cloud environment And have an understanding of the data that comes with it, ”commented Bank Lee Fulmer, head of UBS Investments.

Cloud9 CEO Jerry Star stated that “the transition to a virtual cloud trading platform is accelerating as the industry recognizes the importance of using a more flexible and intelligent voice model.”

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