The situation at the front can change radically: the United States strongly supports Ukraine



The United States Pentagon has expressed respect for Ukraine’s successes in combating Russian aggression. Assessing the importance of Ukraine’s success, America decided to allocate an additional $ 125 million to Kiev to fight the Russian Federation.

USA and Ukraine
USA and Ukraine. Photo –

It is reported by the “MFN”, with reference to CNN.

In the United States, they motivated their decision by the fact that Ukraine is able to demonstrate a high level of success against the Russian Federation, despite certain problems in the political system of the state. In addition, the US Department of Defense is fairly Ukrainian in terms of building civil society and transparent reforms. An important role has been played in the fight against corruption.

Washington stresses that aid to Ukraine is a profitable investment, as the country is actively developing and plays an important role in the fight against the global aggressor. America intends to cooperate with Ukraine in the future. At present, the total amount of US support to Ukraine in 2020 has reached $ 250 million.

Recall, as previously indicated, the abolition of the mode of preparation for combat in the “LPR”: Kiev was offered new conditions.



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