The situation on the front line can change radically: Russia threatens the world with the latest type of weapons



The Russian Federation represents a new threat to peace. The masters of deadly weapon development have created a new generation sniper rifle that can fundamentally change the usual understanding of the deadly range.

RF military
The soldiers of the Russian Federation. Photo –

It is reported by “MK“, Reports” NPF “.

Lobaev’s Director General of Arms, Vladislav Lobaev, announced the Russian Federation’s plan to create a new type of weapon. The presented sniper rifle is capable of hitting a target at a record distance of 7 kilometers. The new weapon was called the DXL-5. Experts note that before, the maximum range of defeat was 4.2 kilometers. The last record holder was the “Twilight” sniper rifle manufactured by the same company.

There is no information yet on whether new developments will be used against Ukraine. It is known that mass production of new sniper rifles will not be launched until 2021, until the dangerous distance for APU warriors remains the same. The use of DXL-5 against the APU will be a new fact of the Russian aggression.

Recall, as previously indicated, that the terrorists of the “DPR” were made public on the children: provocative statements by Pushilin and Makarov.



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