The spectacle for the gullible and naive: Birch exposed the forgery of Oleg Lyashko on the “blockage” of the Velor restaurant



On the morning of April 29, the media reported that Oleg Lyashko and his comrades-in-arms had “barricaded” the Velor restaurant in central Kiev, allegedly for violating the quarantine.

This is reported by the NPF with reference to

Nikolai Tishchenko’s Velor restaurant could not be closed even by Oleg Lyashko. Photo:

The former people’s deputy even posted a video on his page on the social network with brick blocks and mounting foam and the inscription on the quarantine fence.

A few hours later, Borislav Bereza (also a former deputy) visited the Velor and saw that the blocks had really been installed, but not at the entrance to the restaurant, but they blocked the summer terrace, and the institution itself, by working, worked.

“I went specially to the Velor restaurant and discovered that the entrance to the restaurant was neither closed nor walled. During the show, they closed … the entrance to the summer terrace, which was already closed. And the entrance to the restaurant works. And everything else too. How do I know? Local residents informed me of this. So I discovered it was a show. For the gullible and naive. And now you know, “ – said the politician.

Oleg Lyashko himself has not yet commented on the incident.

Earlier, it was reported that for the prevention of coronavirus, there is nothing simpler than this method.

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