The SPSU receives information from the Ministry of Health every three days on the “red” and “green” countries



The SPSU receives information from the Ministry of Health every three days on the “red” and “green” countries

6/20/2020 2:22 PM


The State Border Service receives from the Ministry of Health relevant lists of the countries in the “red” and “green” zones according to the COVID-19 incidence rate and takes them into account when admitting people from abroad.

This was stated by the head of the border control organization of the state border services administration, Yuri Lysyuk, said the press service of the border guards administration.

“During quarantine, the passage of people from abroad is carried out depending on the extent of the disease is COVID-19 in the country of arrivals. The Ministry of Health of Ukraine, on the basis of analysis of statistical data, draws up a list of countries classified “red” according to the incidence rate of COVID-19 and green spaces, according to the report.

Lysyuk noted that the National Border Service receives information on these countries from the Ministry of Health every three days.

“Officially, we receive it and report it to our units. So that there are no contradictions concerning the countries which were on one list yesterday and today on another, we will use official information”, underlined Lysyuk.

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The State Border Service recalled that, according to the decision of the Ukrainian government, states with a high prevalence of COVID-19 are considered to be states in which the number of active cases of COVID-19 exceeds 40 people for 100,000 inhabitants.

In the “green zone” countries, the indicator is less than 40 people per 100,000 inhabitants.

The Ministry of Health has established that after arriving from the “red zone” countries, people will necessarily experience self-isolation or observation.

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