The stadium remained from the old city – Donetsk blogger explained how Donetsk had changed in 6 years of military conflict



Famous Ukrainian blogger Fashik Donetsk explained how Donetsk changed during the 6 years of the military conflict. The blogger writes that before the war in Donbas, Donetsk was considered a European city. According to the blogger, the city has now changed a lot and becomes an indescribable provincial city.

Busy donetsk
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This is reported by the NPF, referring to the portal DonPress

Ukrainian blogger Fashik Donetsk, who covers the situation in occupied Donetsk, has decided to share information on the development of Donetsk during the six years of occupation. In addition, the blogger shared new photos that he took on May 9.

The blogger writes that representatives of illegal armed groups are looting anything of value in the city.

“Only the stadium has remained of the city’s previous chandelier, everything else is either stolen, cut from metal, or exported to Russia,” writes the blogger.

In addition, according to a Donetsk blogger, a military base of “DPR” militants is located a few hundred meters from the famous Donetsk stadium.

The blogger also noted that the “festive atmosphere” of May 9 and 11 was created only in the city center. The blogger writes that this is all “propaganda wrapping” because in fact it is difficult to meet happy people in the city. He explains this by the difficult economic situation of the “republic”. The blogger writes that “people think first about how to survive, not today, May 9 or 11”.

“The holidays will end and no one has canceled the survival task,” said the famous blogger.

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