The start of an open conflict between Belarus and the Russian Federation: the expert gave the reasons for Lukashenko’s desperate decision



Russian political scientist Andrei Suzdaltsev said that a real open confrontation could soon break out between Belarus and the Russian Federation. He described the behavior of the head of the Republic of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko as reprehensible and said he was confident that, in order to maintain his power, Lukashenko could engage in a brutal provocation against the Russian Federation.

Putin and Lukashenko
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It is reported by the “MFN”, with reference to “MK“.

Suzdaltsev notes that Lukashenko is very rude in communicating with his political opponents and all those who could damage his power. He noted that Lukashenko was extremely afraid of losing power in the near future.

“Lukashenko has gone mad with fear. He has appointed Roman Golovchenko as Prime Minister, who will now evacuate his assets abroad, “said the expert.

He assures that Lukashenko will not suffer psychologically from the loss of power and, to preserve it, he is ready to act against the Russian Federation in order to create a distracting maneuver and reasons for holding power in times of difficult war.

“Lukashenko threatens his opponents with massacres. If a provocation occurs in Belarus, he will surely blame Russia. An open conflict will begin and Lukashenko will announce Moscow’s attempts to annex RB. This will lead to new sanctions against the Russian Federation, “said the political scientist.

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